84 years developing a vision

43 years building

riva is fulfillment

riva stands out for its responsibility, seriousness and interest when adopting the most varied challenges and when fulfilling the owners’ commitments in due course with outstanding speed.

riva is reliability

Having the technical and economic capacity to customize to meet its clients’ most varied needs, riva sa has shown its growing strength and constant progress; and generated respect, trust and satisfaction even in the most unfavorable situations.

riva is continuity

Even during changing financial and economic situations, during the hardest moments of crisis in the country which led to the disappearance of many companies, riva sa has shown its capacity to overcome them and remain through time.

riva is growth

riva sa has developed its institutional growth and strength by training its staff and renewing its equipment, machinery, electronics and vehicles; and by establishing its technical, economic and financial soundness in this world which is in constant technological progress.