Still growing in the nineties

Since the nineties, the company has followed an institutional strengthening policy which has had positive results. These results have been shown in the production and turnover increase, as well as in the increase in the number of building sites under construction, new contracts and new projects awarded to it and invitations for contracts to carry out big new businesses. In addition, the company extended its real estate branch through genuine investments and/or as a partner to leasing projects with top-level companies. It had a share in several concessions related either directly or indirectly with the real estate business and applied the most modern infrastructure project management.

Financially, the company has its own resources with an expanding operational capacity. It enjoys a wide credit support and reliable suppliers. riva sa projects itself towards the future with an excellent outlook acting on behalf of itself and together with its partners.

As a participant in the urban development of big cities, riva sa has always counted on private investors’ and private institutions’ trust for first class projects for the upper-socioeconomic classes in the most highly-priced areas of cities. At the same time, they have trusted riva sa for the construction of welfare housing in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Patagonian provinces.

These were carried out directly to the State or to intermediate institutions, cooperatives, benefit societies and social banks. As urban consolidation increased, riva sa took part in its development by constructing buildings of social facilities, trade and industry throughout the country. riva sa has taken part in all fields successfully thanks to its adaptability to the requirements of each project and its professional growth.

Examples of projects completed successfully have been: several Mc Donald’s (1990), Li-bertador y Suipacha Tower Block(1991), Va. Regina Hospital in Río Negro (1992), Carre-four Hypermarkets (1992), Libertador 336 Tower Block(1995), Mar del Plata Panamerican Games (1995), Welfare Housing for over 70,000 m2 (1990-2000), several Tía Supermar-kets (1996-7), Club Atlético Boca Juniors (1996), Distribution Centers –SANCOR (1995), MOLINOS(1997)-, PBB Polisur Industrial Works (1999), La Rural (1998), Juncal Tower Block (1998), Banco Hipotecario (1998), King Fhad Islamic Cultural Center (1998), Bulnes Tower Block (1998), former Ezeiza International Hotel (1998), Puerto Madero Infrastruc-ture (1998), Education Administrative Center of Neuquén (1998), among others.