The beginning: A commitment with growth

Since its early days it focused its attention on the construction of civil works, working with the strength and desire for development needed in the country at the beginning of the twentieth century. That early company that was born as a family business developed into the current riva sa.

This visionary attitude was proved in 1978 when they ventured in the interior of the country by building Villa Permanente in Yaciretá in Corrientes Province.

In this town that neighbors the current town of Ituzaingó, community buildings such as a school, a small hotel, a hospital, an accommodation building, a cultural center, a nursery school and a plant nursery were sited. All of them were constructed under extremely harsh conditions due to the features of the area. There were over 24,000 square meters constructed with service infrastructure, paving and landscaping. Patagonia has also witnessed the dramatic progress of the corporation.

Nowadays, housing neighborhoods and infrastructure, schools, hospitals and public buildings built by riva sa make up the tidy structure of the provinces in the south. At that time, these activities represented half of what had been produced by the company.From that moment onwards - shifting from a financial system to a performance and cus-tomer satisfaction system - several new interesting businesses were carried out. A clear example of riva sa’s operational capacity is the Flight Simulators for Aerolíneas Argentinas in Retiro that aimed at the training of commercial aviation pilots. In order to carry out these construction works in Catalinas Norte, some systematized multidisciplinary work that allowed great flexibility in operational means were required.