riva sa has become the main Construction Company of architectural and engineering works specialized in building, management, technical support and complete control of civil works, industrial plants and real estate developments.

riva sa’s prestigious tradition has enabled it to become an unquestionable leader not only in the national market of middle-sized construction works, but also in projects of great magnitude. It also has an interest in international growth.

Not only has this construction company built third party and its own private works, public works, modern factories, turnkey buildings, harbors; iron and steel, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries; but it has also constructed various buildings ranging from welfare neighborhoods and fuel stations to institutions of elementary, middle and university education, to hospital and communications’ architecture.

High quality finishes, attention to detail, rapidity of productive technical development and excellence in execution that characterize riva sa’s work have led architecture and engineering studios to recommend its services to carry out their projects and ideas.

Safety and staff growth, our compliance with legal and technical rules, our control of the finished product, our analysis of implementation methods, our just-in-time logistics provision and assistance after the reception of achieved construction works are the grounds for schedule fulfillment which make our clients satisfied at our construction works.