The last years: 2003-2004

The new building of complementary offices for EDCADASSA in Ezeiza was put to contract in December 2002 and completed in just five months. This building, which presents a functional and modern architecture, consists of two closed floors with an aluminum curtain-wall façade and intelligent facilities. The construction was completed with the execution of gateways specially built for the control of the entrance to EDADASSA; also with the expansion of the parking lot and with other minor buildings. The building works were completed in May 2003.

For CORPORACIÓN ANTIGUO PUERTO MADERO S.A, riva sa carried out infrastructure, pavement laying, traffic-light setting and other tasks at the junction of Machaca Güemes Av. and Boulevard de los Italianos in 2003.

The new Bus Station of Neuquén –ETON- was built on a 3 hectare estate under innovative and functional concepts and with modern management and control systems. It was com-pleted and entitled to be used within a strict realization period in 2004.

In San Lorenzo, Santa Fé Province, the building of a 62,500 ton silo was put to contract with CARGILL S.A. Civil facilities for tunnels for handling, stockpile pits and nearby pavement were also constructed.

Works started in October 2003 and were inaugurated at the end of June 2004. Once more, the company fulfilled its commitments under the demanding, joint technical management of riva sa and CARGILL S.A. staff in San Lorenzo. In the city of Buenos Aires, riva sa constructed the foundation, excavation and reinforced concrete structure of the new HYATT HOTEL, owned by El Rosario S.A. Four underground floors facing Posadas St. were excavated; concrete foundations were laid; the drainage system for groundwater layer was built; the bottom raft foundation plate started being constructed. At the same time, facing Alvear Av. adaptation tasks were carried out in PALACIO DUHAU. This building was bought for this project and designed by Estudio Peralta Ramos Sepra Arquitectos. The mise en valeur and recycling of the building challenged our skill. This project was completed in 2004.

In Bragado, Buenos Aires Province riva sa completed civil works of a new train for the steelworks company ACERBRAG.