The last years: 2007

In the city of Rosario, some very important projects were signed and their construction started in December 2006. They included a CONVENTION CENTER, CASINO and a HOTEL. The hotel has seven floors with three levels of underground parking, a Casino, a Convention Center, streets, open spaces and means of access to it.

The Project was put to contract in stages. In March 2008, 95% of the first stage: excavation, reinforced concrete structure, etc. will be completed. In September, brickwork, sanitary and thermomechanical facilities’ construction started.

The project of the hotel consists of a building of 185 rooms in seven raised storeys covering a total of 17,000 m2 (ground floor and basement included). Underground parking lots cover 65,000 m2 in this complex. Estudio Baudizzone, Lestard y Asociados, which has out-standing experience and with whom we worked with in other projects in Argentina, is in charge of the project.

This complex has a strategic location within reach to Buenos Aires-Rosario motorway. It was carried out by a large number of riva sa’s technical and hierarchical staff and a wide range of machinery (for example 5 cranes), all of them operating as a business unit due to its significant volume within our organization chart.

In the city of Senillosa in Neuquén, works were carried out in the new PENITENTIARY OF SENILLOSA. riva sa won the tender for this project of great importance under the design of Aja Espil-Cobelo Arqs. S.A. The works were completed successfully in 2007.

The airport of the city of Córdoba was largely modernized and optimized thanks to the project of Architect Mario Roberto Álvarez. The piling of the Terminal building was completed together with the access viaducts and most of the important reinforced concrete works. The terminal’s basement was completed successfully as well. All of them were carried of fulfilling the Licensee’s schedule.

The new International Airport works started for AEROPUERTOS NEUQUËN S.A. Remodeling of the existing building took place in addition to Estudio Mario Roberto Álvarez y Asociados’ project. The whole Project was completed in 2007.

In 2007, the construction of La Prensa tower blocks started in Madero Nuevo. This outstanding tower block, which was designed by Estudio Mariani-Perez Maraviglia, consists of luxury dwellings in one of the most attractive areas in the city of Buenos Aires.

The Judicial City of La Pampa province is still under construction and works are progressing at a steady pace. In addition, Solares de San Isidro real estate development is in its completion phase and it will be concluded at the beginning of 2008. Moreover, there has been significant progress in Santiago del Estero’s Bus Station where an important development has been carried out in the access viaduct.