The last years: 2008

Delivery within time and required quality of the three SOLARES DE SAN ISIDRO building was achieved. The architects were SANCHEZ ELIA and it has a garden with a central swimming pool and amenities. In CAMPANA, for TENARIS, the Hotel refurbishing for high authority personnel of SIDERCA was completed. Work was done on 8.000 m2 and opening was done in March.

In Neuquén a riva development named SOALRES DEL ALTO has started, based on the project of architects, IBARROULE, APREA & GRADEL. It is an eight story high building in a premium city area with underground parking. Moreover land was bought in AV DEL LIBERTADOR 3172 right opposite Plaza Alemania. Normal approval procedures are being undertaken and construction is to be started in 2009.

Work was completed on AEROPUERTO DEL NEUQUEN (Neuquén Airport) with official authorities assisting to the opening ceremony and RIVA SA was distinguished for the early delivery of the works. In ROSARIO works continue at a very good pace of the CENTRO DE CONVENCIONES, CASINO Y HOTEL (Hotel, Casino and Convention Center), plus three underground parking levels. We point out the confidence and trust on RIVA to carry out more than 115.000 square meters (over 1,250,000 square feet) and we are estimating finalization during mid-2009. Also at good pace continues the work on LA PRENSA building (a historic news paper), with architect being MARIANI- PEREZ MARAVIGLIA- MARIANI. Our presence is well noted with two cranes and more than eight stories high of well built concrete.

Also on our infrastructure works, the ACUEDUCTO LOS BARREALES (Los Barreales water-duct) continues in a normal way. All PVC water pipes, plus the dock over the lake and adjacent building have been installed. Kick off tasks started on TRIBUNALES DE NEUQUEN (Neuquén Law Building). This is an outstanding project for the Province of Neuquén developed in more than 24.000 m2 (over 250,000 square feet). It has 2 buildings and spans through 4 levels.

In SALTA works at the PENITENCIARIA NACIONAL (National Penitentiary) in General Güemes were started. Foundation works and the first concrete pours for the cells were accomplished. Villa CORNU social houses were finished and we are expecting re activate pending contracts within the Public Works program during 2009. Also CIUDAD JUDICIAL DE LA PAMPA (La Pampa Court Building) is expected to finish by early 2009, with an excellent performance from RIVA SA in this 26.000m2 project. In BUENOS AIRES social housing development at Glew paced up and has a accumulative progress of over 72%. The TERMINAL DE OMNIBUS (Central Bus Station) of Santiago del Estero was finished before its expected date due to an excellent performance of RIVA professionals and team, together with a correct and effective job by the Client and Work Inspectors. Maintenance works during 6 (six) months are now being carried out.

Our INTERNATIONAL area continues very active. We have launched VIA ESPAÑA PREMIUM OFFICE TOWER development in PANAMA. The project belongs to architects BODAS MEANI, ANGER and it is a strategically located office building within a highly commercial and transit area that turns this product as a very tempting offer for investors as well as final users. Moreover RIVA has and is studying several projects as "Yacht Club", "Metropolitan" towers, as well as the new CEMEX facilities among others. In the same way RIVA is actively involved in different public bids being carried out in COSTA RICA, URUGUAY and PERU among others.