Tradition and Continuity

Since it was founded by Manzanares, Gilardón, Córdoba and Riva more than eighty years ago, and since it became a corporation, riva sa has remained successful and competitive. It has adapted itself to the economy’s constant changes and ups and downs, facing innumerable challenges in each economic cycle.

Engineer Amadeo Ángel Riva, who was given a gold medal by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires, had a vision which was later expanded upon by Amadeo Riva, his son. Amadeo Riva, who was a real entrepreneur and a leader, took up his father's legacy and refounded the company under the name riva sa. Riva’s life has been ensured by its Professional Board of Directors made up of family and non-family managers who are still developing this family’s business founded in 1926.